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Sawyer/Kiln Drying

It all starts with a log.  We source every log ourselves, only accepting those that meet our certain criteria to become furniture.  We work in coordination with local builders, tree services, municipalities, and property owners, only incorporating material into our furniture that has been harvested locally and sustainably.  The logs get milled into slabs and stacked on site at our shop. They are all air dried for a minimum of 12 months before being kiln dried to acceptable moisture contents no greater than 12%. By keeping all these processes in house, as a "tree to table" style of production, we can provide our customers the highest level of quality in all of our products.



By infusing old world traditional woodworking techniques with modern technological advantages, we create furniture that is truly hand made, one piece at a time, by seasoned craftsmen well versed in all aspects of the trade.  All of our joinery is hand finished with tools and techniques dating back centuries.  Even as a lot of our milling and rough work is now performed with the help of modern machines, the hand crafted details can be seen in the craftsmanship of every piece we make.

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